Casino Games Provider: SpadeGaming

When it comes to providing top quality games for different bookies around the world, no one can do it better than us, Spadegaming. Our company is based in Asia, in which our good driven traits lead us to the innovation of more than a hundred games and are still going.

Our creative geniuses are bound to give you the best gaming experience that you can have so rest assured that every click of your mouse will lead to limitless joy and unparalleled prosperity.

If you are looking for an Asian themed kind of game, Spadegaming is the one that you are looking for. You can easily feel the culture and different components of the Asian country traditions in our quality casino and arcade games.

Because we are an innovative company, we are always on the move to give you the latest and modern vibe kind of entertainment. With good graphics and sound effects, you can enjoy Spadegaming either on your personal computer, laptop, or mobile phone.

As our mission to give quality games to the rest of the world, we have acquired the latest license given by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) to operate and give our services in Europe. We will continue to grow because we want the world to experience what Spadegaming is all about.

Because here, in Spadegaming, we value your enjoyment.

Spadegaming products

- Heroes

Heroes are one of the latest games that Spadegaming has produced. If you like medieval heroes with a touch of modern warriors, this slot game is the right slot game for you.

Join in the battle with these four distinct warriors that will be with you in your slot journey. A wizard, a knight, an assassin, and a warrior is ready to battle for your victory.

The graphics are outstanding, you will feel that you are playing in a real video game with one of these heroes as your avatar. You will also feel the medieval vibe of a castle ready to welcome you as their victorious hero.

This slot is a 5 reels game with 50 payline so you have more chances of winning.

This payline can be won with different symbols such as the four warriors. You also have the scatter and wild symbols.

Aside from that you also have the symbol of a knight’s sword, two huge and small daggers, and a staff. There are also the letters A, K, Q, and J that can trigger your essential winnings.

- Dancing fever

If you like something that is groovy and will have you dancing while you play some slots machines, dancing fever is the bomb. It will shake the moves out of your body once you hit some good combinations.

There are two payout values that start your groove: the wild symbol and the scatter symbol. Once you hit these two symbols be ready to dance to some amazing bonuses like free spins and up to X5 bonuses when you win.

There are also the symbol beatbox speaker, steps, chips, Spadegaming tickets, letters A, K, Q, and J.

In this kind of online slot, you have 5 reels and 243 different ways to win. So make sure to double your bet each time you hit that spin button.

In terms of graphics, you will love this retro, a mix of the 70s to 90s groove with amazing sound effects to add up to its vibe.


If you are the kind of slot player who wants a fast pace game with simple gameplay, our FA FA FA slot machine game will have you betting in no time. This is a slot machine with just 3 reels and 1 payline.

In this slot online, there are three symbols with different colors. Red blue and green. If you hit the red symbol, you will score up to 400 coins, if you score the blue symbol you can get up to 150 coins and the green one with 75 coins. But if you happen to hit any of this color, you can get 15 coins.

You will truly feel the Asian spirit in this game because the graphics and bg music speaks as if it is telling you the rich history of Asia. every time you hit the jackpot a sound that will determine your winning will play.

Play FA FA FA and experience something that you have never experienced before.

Spadegaming services

When it comes to services that we offer, we surely level it to the kind of treatment we do with our games and upcoming games. We treat it with utmost priority because we want our customers to feel that they are a part of Spadegaming's wonderful family.

  • Account management - Whatever the client wants we do because we want them to be satisfied with our business services. If they want some modification and it's possible, then we will surely be ready to do the work for them.
    Also, we supply our clients with what they want. We could suggest a thing or two, but the final decision is up to the company because we know that they know their account and markets more.
  • Outstanding customer service - After we release the client’s desired games, we don’t stop there. We consider them as a part of our family so we would do everything in our power to solve any present rising problems, and for the coming days
    Also, our line is always open for them so they won’t have to wait for days or weeks before their concerns can be heard. We want them to enjoy our services as much as their players enjoy Spadegaming’s game.
  • Technical support
    - In line with our customer service, we have a tech team that will do the finishing touches for any game-related problem. If the system has crashed or not performing properly our tech team will fix it as soon as possible so you can continue giving quality casino games to your gamblers.

Spadegaming’s oath

As one of the top providers in Asia, we will continue to provide gaming essentials for different online casino companies so they can make their customers happy and satisfied.